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     Heart asks, “Sorrow, what are you doing here?”
     “I came to live in you.”
     “Oh no you won’t.  You came for a short visit – the operative word being “short.”
     “We’ll see about that.”
     “No doubt, we will.”
     Heart puts on some upbeat music and begins to dance. 
     Sorrow, in disappointment, watches Heart in rhythm.
     Twirling around, Heart smiles at Sorrow.
     Sorrow winces.  Sorrow starts to make loud noises to disturb the groove of Heart.
     Fingers snapping to the music, Heart tells Sorrow, “You’ll be leaving soon.”
     Sorrow struggles to hide the fear.  “I have plans to stay.”
     “Your plans will be cancelled.”
     “Sorrow states, “I did not get a round trip ticket,” and unconvincingly adds, “Because I am here to stay.”
     “It is on you that you got a one way fare from a place of assumption.  I can assure you that your status here is as a visitor.  There is no vacancy here for another resident.  This heart is a gift from my Creator and I will have you out of here in less than an hour.”
     “And how do you propose to do that?”
     “You didn’t know that I have a happy pump!”
     “A happy pump.  I use it to pump happiness deep down in my soul.  It came packaged from my Creator.  The accessories are peace and joy among other prized possessions. Every now and then, I refuel the pump with paradise juice.  When you came in, I said, 'Ok pump, Sorrow is in the building.  Let’s go to work.'  Music went on the notes, dancing followed, twirling ensued – you get the drift?”
     Sorrow simmers.  “I’m not leaving.  I am here to break you.”
     “Not only are you leaving but you will be leaving mad.  You came to break me but failure will be your “reward.”
     “Humph,” pouts Sorrow.
     Heart dances some more – this time with singing mixed in.  Heart continues to dance to a few more songs.  Soon Heart starts laughing so merrily that tears flow from the joy that bubbles from within.  
     Sorrow is too through.  “I did not expect this celebration of life.  I came here to disturb peace and to live permanently.”
     “I know what you came to do.  What you did not know is that I was made ready for you.  You came here to break me.  What you got was a break dance, a fox trot, a waltz, an electric slide, and some twirls thrown in for good measure.  Laughter joined in with singing and tears of joy.  Actually, you were the recipient of an impromptu concert, compliments from the Heart.  Now you can take your visitor’s pass, and let yourself out while I dance over to play the next song titled, “Sorrow Has Left the Building.” 

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Friday May 7, 2010
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