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Listing of What's Available in e-Book Format

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This post contains a listing of what's available in e-Book format.  The end of this post provides availability links if you desire to download to Kindle, Sony, Apple, and Nook e-readers.

Note 1: You don't need e-readers to read e-Books; they can also be read online.  This link can be used for downloading to computers  Simply select the e-Book(s) that you desire to download to your computers and follow the on screen instructions.

Note 2: My e-Books are as low as $.99 and none are more than $4.99.  Purchase sites offer gift icon links for those who are inclined to give e-Book offerings as gifts.

Description of Hope Treasures: 
Enter into Hope Treasures to gain more faith and awareness for your journeys. Enjoy the triumphant stories of love, courage, determination and strength of character. There’s an assortment of short stories to engage you. Partake and embrace the lessons contained in this treasure of hope.

Venture into the places of love, joy, sorrow, challenges and triumphs. Go with spry widower Malcolm as he moves to Highlight Nursing Home; travel with Pastor Breeze as he takes his staff to the circus; fly to the Olympics with Langston; witness the shock of church officer Matilda, and learn what happens to shopaholic Belinda. In these short stories, there are a host of characters who will engage and compel. Prepare to be inspired, encouraged, grieved, angry and hopeful. Yes, there is division, subtraction, addition plus more. Indulge in this content and expect to be positively changed.


Also, included in this book are listings of some of the names for God and Jesus found in the King James Holy Bible.

As an added bonus in this book, Highlights One and Two, as well as an excerpt from Highlight Three are included as previews of my upcoming bio-fiction book titled, Solid Journey Highlights - The Victoria Chronicles. Highlights mentioned in the book are based on actual occurrences. For the most part, only the names of people, some places, and the dialogue are fictional.

Portions of Highlight One share about Victoria's marriage to a man who became a drug addict, drug dealer, and pimp. Jesus saved her soul after the marriage. Also, Highlight One shares how Victoria spent time in a psych ward.

A portion of Highlight Two shares about a "Christian" man who decides to offer a room for rent with an unmarried male and female as roommates. Huh? That's not godly...

The upcoming book will include Victoria's experiences as a shelter resident and the assorted lessons learned in them.

- Barnes and Noble's website has a five star rating for my free e-Book titled, Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place - Volume 1. 

Some of those skills are:

God's In Your Face Memo to Satan

- Estimation Matters

- Warfare Counsel       

- Prayer for Addiction Strong Holds

- Ministering

- How to Know God

- Confident Understanding

- Why is THAT a Sin?    

Description of Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place - Volume 1 :

Why are so many folks who profess Christ as Lord afraid of the devil? Largely, it’s due to lack of knowledge. God is never afraid of Satan. Certainly, our Lord expects His children to triumph over the devil and his perverted evil practices. It’s not our place to cower from the tactics of our enemy. One of our main assignments is to learn from God how to keep the devil in his place.

We’re not to be vagabond spiritual hobos bowing to the dictates of Satan. Our Lord commands that we war a good warfare - 1 Timothy 1:18. Further, 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us, “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)” We need to recognize our places as blood bought saints of the Most High God. Our journeys should be from recognition to steadfast actions that glorify God and destroy the works of the devil. Our Lord has not purposed that we be afraid of Satan. The devil should be afraid of us because we abide in God whose kingdom cannot be moved or destroyed. Daniel 7:27 says about God, “…and all dominions shall serve and obey him.”


Note: I have since written a Volume 2 of Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place. Some of those skills are:
War Call

- Launch out into the Deep

- GOD Enters and Exits in Win Mode

# Volumes 1 and 2 of Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place are free.

Download from -  From that site, you can download for Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony, and Kindle e-readers.  Also, from that site, you can download to Apple i-Phones and iPads and to desktop and laptop computers. 

You also have the option to go straight to the Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Sony websites to download my e-BooksScroll down to the *'s at the end of this topic for those links.

Note: Please scroll down for more offerings.

Description of short story: Jesus Calls Timeout at the Basketball Game:

Enthusiasm is abundant at the Sterling Arena. Folks excitedly await the start of this long anticipated event. No one expects the appearance of Jesus at the basketball game. His presence shifts the gears of all in attendance.

What’s Jesus doing there? People don’t know what to think. This is a game changer for sure. No “blueprint” is on hand for this circumstance. Case studies don’t exist to guide how to handle an interruption by the Messiah. Hearts melt, knees tremble, and lips quiver. A select few glow with joy as they witness the glory of the Lord Christ. His eyes are like a flame of fire as they penetrate those in the crowd. Certainly, Jesus won’t foul out at this mind blowing occasion. He shouts, “Timeout!”

Description of short story: Flying in the Godly Sky United:

On flight 737, college buddies Eric, Jay and Don delight in mocking Christians on board until their jokes are brought to a halt when major turbulence occurs. The air calamity quickly changes the “climate” in the plane’s atmosphere.

The sky turbulence is unlike any that this crew has experienced. The plane rocks violently. Thunder claps are unrelenting. The pilot, unable to disguise his fear, speaks into the PA system, “Are there any Christians on board?” Shaken and trembling - simultaneously, Eric, Jay and Don point across the aisle.

Will the Christians become fainthearted like the other folks on the plane? What are the thoughts racing through the minds of the college buddies who minutes ago enjoyed entertaining themselves by making Christians the targets of jokes? Is a safe landing ahead?

Description of Warfare Solutions Loaded with the Lion of Judah - Volume (This received four and five star ratings on Amazon.):

Note: There are twenty-six solutions, contained in this e-Book that prove effective if used with the aim to pursue GOD with zeal and passion.
Our Lord forever wins through the power of Almighty God. Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is fearless in the presence of all manner of evil. Enter solution zones here for glorious triumphs in spiritual warfare. Certainly, we can win against every force of wickedness. The gates of hell shall not prevail - Matthew 16:18.

We cannot afford to ignore spiritual warfare. The stakes are too high for us to be silent and spiritually unprofitable while Satan engages in his signature diabolical deeds of perversion and sinister conduct. Often, people of God surrender ground to the devil. That is not the plan of our heavenly Father. We are heirs of God appointed to fight good fights of faith, to pull down demonic strong holds, and to destroy the works of the devil. There is nothing in the plan of God for His people to fear evil. We’ve not been given assignments as victims. We are victorious saints if we choose what are indeed our purposes and destinies. Our Lord commands us to be holy as He is holy. When we utterly and wholly obey Him, we absolutely win over all the power of the enemy. We belong on the battlefield armed and combat ready to dismantle what the vile devil has built. United, we make it happen all for the glory of God and for the advancement of his eternal kingdom.

Solution 1   - Hail! There's a Lion in the Lamb
Solution 2   - God's In Your Face Memo to Satan 
Solution 3   - Estimation Matters
Solution 4   - Destined to be Rich in God

Solution 5   - I Refuse to Quit...
Solution 6   - Fear Factor - Yoke Destroyed
Solution 7   - Warfare Counsel
Solution 8   - Strategic Placement in the Army of God
Solution 9   - Regularly, I Give the Devil a Peace of My Mind
Solution 10 - Satan Bows to the Strong Arm of God
Solution 11 - Off With Their Heads
Solution 12 - The Devil Is Not Unemployed
Solution 13 - What to Feed the Devil
Solution 14 - Praying God's Words
Solution 15 - The Accursed Thing
Solution 16 - Dominion
Solution 17 - Holy Warriors
Solution 18 - Prepare War - Wake Up Mighty Men
Solution 19 - Death of Toxic Relationships
Solution 20 - Traitors in the Midst
Solution 21 - Possess the Kingdom
Solution 22 - God Says What He Means and He Means What He Says 
Solution 23 - God's Word Never Returns Void
Solution 24 - God Is in Every Equation
Solution 25 - The Devi-lution is Under Our Feet
Solution 26 - Prophetic Word - Rehearsal Is Over 

- Note: I have since written Volumes 2 and 3 of Warfare Solutions Loaded with the Lion of Judah.

Volume 2 - Some solutions are:

- More Than Conquerors

- Boldness

- What Does GOD Say?

- Fire Works Notice

Volume - Some solutions are:

- Holy Prayers Aren't Dry

- Public Praise

- Mind Renewal

- We All Need to Change 

Description of Championship Conduct - Excel in Care, Courtesy and Customer Service :

Are you weary of rude, inconsiderate and incompetent conduct that has become routine in our society? Come on board to proactively address it. Clearly, major change is long overdue. Top level conduct is the best response to the low standards that are now commonly on display. You're invited to join the team of folks who make championship choices. United, we make the best things happen.

We can be change agents in this world of disintegrating manners. It’s our responsibility to add to the harmony on this great planet on which we reside. Business as usual isn’t an acceptable stance for champions. We owe it to our present, and to our future generations to be engaged in reform for the common good of we the people.

Let’s be examples of excellence as witnesses of the power that develops when teams unite for worthy causes. Let’s wear care, integrity, courtesy and competence as badges of honor.

There’s expectation that championship conduct will prove contagious. Who will catch it? 


Description of Zest and Gusto in Christian Short Stories: Discontinued

Park here in this place of Zest and Gusto in Christian Short Stories, and likely some altered states will occur in your persona. Expect content that challenges and excites your senses. You may even experience some defining moments and character transformations.

Fly with Peter, Larry and Todd as they encounter major airplane turbulence. Marvel at how God handles their crisis in the sky. Watch as Jesus appears and calls timeout at the professional basketball game. Observe how those in the arena respond to the divine interruption. Have a seat as Pastor Breeze takes his staff to the circus. Discover their featured roles under the big top. Go with Belinda as she feeds her shopping addiction. Will she forsake her habit to save her family? Enter Club Bliss where Jesus abides with the Eagle Squad. The presence of the Lord there makes a difference indeed. Enjoy the animals as they throw a party for Melody, the owner of Jasper the white Persian cat. Sit in Sunday School with spunky saint, Sister Clara. She asks the new biblically challenged teacher, "Where is that in the Bible?" Finally, read the letters that Jesus wrote to the seven modern day churches. What He expressed is full gospel galore!


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