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Sandra Hicks has a unique way of writing.  She teaches you biblical truths which are practical for everyday spiritual living. Her writing captures your attention and you want to read on and on.  She has an amazing way with words and her style is very entertaining. Warfare Solutions Loaded with the Lion of Judah is a must read for any Christian wanting to grow with God by learning spiritual warfare, which is vital to live victorious in this present evil age.  I have learned so much from this book and her other e-Books. Check her out and get ready to say Wow! - Pastor R. A. Bell

My gratitude is extended for these testimonials about my writing: 

- “Love it. Your writings are phenomenal.  So inspiring. I will read all your books.  Yes!!!!!  Glory to God.” - Robert A. Bell, Pastor 

- “I was astounded by her writing skills.  I don’t recall meeting anyone who is as diligent and faithful to her word and work as Sandra.  She is truly a woman of great integrity.” - Angela Rogers Ray, Publisher

- You have an amazing talent for writing.” - L. Stepp, Registered Nurse

Portions of my testimony: 

Deep gratitude is extended to our Lord for how He has kept us, taught us, and loved us in spite of ourselves. High and mighty praises to His glorious and abiding name! 


For those who don't know me, the content below is some of my testimony.

Sandra Renee Hicks was born in Washington, D.C.  Her parents, both of whom became Christians, were Helen Marie and Robert. She is the youngest of four children born to Helen.  Sandra is the product of an extra-marital affair.  Both of her parents were married non-Christians when Sandra was conceived.  God in his mercy later saved and sanctified both Helen and Robert.  Helen went to be with the Lord first followed many years later by Robert.

Sandra spent much of her youth in church with her mother who was a woman who came to truly love the Lord.  Helen demonstrated the godly example of a true Christian, and had Sandra in church regularly.  When Helen became too ill to reasonably tend to her, Sandra became wayward.  As a teenager, Sandra was rebellious and foolish in much of her conduct.  She rejected school, indulged in drug use, and frequently disobeyed her mother.  Helen went to be with the Lord during the period of Sandra’s rebellion.  The death of her mother when Sandra was a teenager jolted her into a measure of reform.  She returned to school, quit drug use, and went to work in government.


- had an alcoholic step-father.

- used heroin.  Sandra didn't become a heroin addict; others that she knows did become addicted to it.

- dropped out of school in the eighth grade (later obtained a GED.)

- married her boyfriend who she met when she was about fourteen years old.  They were a couple off and on for years.  He was in and out of jail.  They married when Sandra was nineteen.  He later became a drug addict, drug dealer, and pimped one woman.  Sandra got saved while married to him.  She stayed married to him (about two years) until the Lord released her to divorce, based on adultery.

- lived in two homeless shelters (years apart - about eight months each time).  The second homeless shelter had a section that was converted from a hospital ward (Sandra was born in the subject hospital.)  One day she was sitting in the hallway in that shelter and noticed an OB-GYN sign on the wall.  The Lord had allowed Sandra to return to her roots.  Sandra was born in the very building where she had come to reside as a shelter resident!  When she saw that sign, she  laughed.

- returned to a sinful lifestyle.  At one point, Sandra moved in with a man; here he’ll be called Tony.  For about five years, it was, overall, pleasurable (sin has pleasure for a season - Hebrews 11:25).  It began to decline about the sixth year.  Tony then told Sandra that he wasn't feeling her anymore.  He suggested that she move out and that perhaps separation would lead to them getting back together at some point. Sandra was leaning towards returning to our Lord but she wanted the Lord AND Tony.  That wasn't GOD's plan.  Sandra stubbornly refused to move on.  About the seventh year, Tony moved from living with Sandra; He moved in with a woman who lived in the building next door (she had only lived in the neighborhood for months....)  You know that Sandra was heartbroken.

The Lord allowed division in Tony and the woman's relationship. Tony lived with her for only about three months.  Among other things, he discovered that she was a crack addict who prostituted for money to feed her habit. Tony left her.

- was unjustifiably terminated from a government job.  About four years later, the Lord judged the man who was most closely responsible for removing Sandra.  The subject man was on the local news program for being in a sexual relationship with a fellow government worker who was married.  They both worked for D.C. government but in different agencies.  Sexually explicit e-mails were found on their computers.  The subject man got fired.  GOD judged others who were responsible for Sandra’s wrong dismissal. Another one got fired for not exposing his past criminal history.


No shame in Sandra’s game.  Hallelujah Anyhow!  We're all a product of our environments and experiences.  Sandra is grateful for her challenges; our Lord used them to mold her into the fire lion warrior for Him that she has become.  And He uses what we've all experienced to advance His kingdom, and to help ourselves, as well as others.

We all have our testimonies.  GOD is eternally faithful.  Bless His holy marvelous name.  Heart rejoicing and grateful praises to the One who owns the air, good GOD Almighty! 


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