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Spotlight on Championship Conduct

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Do you know of some young folks or any folks who need to learn about integrity, courtesy, how to conduct themselves at home, and in workplace surroundings? What about folks who need help in how to dress appropriately? Those helpful tips and more are in my e-Book, "Championship Conduct - Excel in Care, Courtesy and Customer Service".

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I’ve given this book a high rating because I’m really impressed with Championship Conduct – Excel in Care, Courtesy and Customer Service, written by Sandra Renee Hicks. The book is very well written and I absolutely loved it! I identified with many of her experiences and examples. Some of the examples the author gives did not surprise me, while others had me shaking my head to read that people could treat each other and/or act so poorly, even in a church setting. In today’s world, it’s almost become the accepted norm. I miss the days when customer service was the gold standard. Congratulations to this author for putting pen to paper. She is obviously very passionate about this subject, as am I.

Is it that hard for people, at the very least, to say “Please” and “Thank you?” I appreciate her boldness in calling people out when appropriate and doing so in such a professional manner. Those teachable moments are worth sharing, so I hope more people get a chance to read this book. It can be a valuable learning tool. I also agree with her that when you do see an example of professional and kind customer service, you should tell the person so and also let their managers know that this employee is commendable.

Here’s another pet peeve of mine. I think the worse thing parents can do is allow their kids to text and otherwise not be engaged when the family is sharing a meal, whether it be in a restaurant or at home. I’ve witnessed many times families so disengaged with each other at restaurants that I have to look away because it’s so sad.

I appreciated hearing about the author's experience in a homeless shelter. It gives the reader an inside perspective of the challenges that the residents face on a daily basis. Her faith remains strong, even when faced with the disappointments that Life can bring. Please don’t think this is just a list of the author’s pet peeves. She gives great examples of how we can all respond and exhibit championship conduct.

This book would be good for teachers, parents, youth ministers, business owners, also teenagers as they enter the work world. The list goes on!


Are you weary of rude, inconsiderate and incompetent conduct that has become routine in our society? Come on board to proactively address it. Clearly, major change is long overdue. Top level conduct is the best response to the low standards that are now commonly on display.

You're invited to join the team of folks who make championship choices. United, we make the best things happen.

We can be change agents in this world of disintegrating manners. It’s our responsibility to add to the harmony on this great planet on which we reside. Business as usual isn’t an acceptable stance for champions. We owe it to our present, and to our future generations to be engaged in reform for the common good of we the people.

Let’s be examples of excellence as witnesses of the power that develops when teams unite for worthy causes. Let’s wear care, integrity, courtesy and competence as badges of honor.

There’s expectation that championship conduct will prove contagious. Who will catch it?

Note: In March 2014,
I published a sister book to this one. The title of that one is, Love as a Signature Style.

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Here's an excerpt from the chapter titled, "One Size Doesn't Fit All":

"One MAIN question is -- how do we respond to the inevitable land mines in our lives? How do we play the hands that are dealt us? The good news is that there are aces in every deck. But we know that the jokers run wild. Go for the aces; play those babies with all the gusto that you know how to muster. Deal with excellence. Surround yourself with winners and those who aim to be. Every hit ain’t a bull’s eye; aim for excellence anyhow."

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